I have not been posting my meals and I feel terrible! I went away for camp for the weekend so that means pizza, burgers, chips, grilled cheese, fries, and more pizza! Oh and soda.. So I had to recoup this week. That means plenty of vegetables. I will post some pictures of what I managed to take.

We went out for my sister in laws birthday last night and I ordered the ahi tuna salad from BJs. Let me tell you, it was insane. Delish. My husband demanded I save him some haha. He was so jelly. My sister-in-law made me eat like a 3rd of her peach cobler! Even when I wasn’t tempted by it..

I’ve been drinking my lemon water in the morning again!







I’m a bad girl..

Ok y’all so we had some apples that were starting to get too soft. You know, right before they’re about to go real bad? I couldn’t let them go to waste and this beautiful fall weather inspired me to throw together this popular batch in my family, Apple Crisp! It was delicious and I tried to only eat a little.. But I may have had too much 😔 I feel terrible, especially since I was telling y’all this morning to hold off on the evening temptations and enjoy them in the morning. But I did fail a bit. I also had some fried fish for dinner.