Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches

I started my morning with 2 cups of warm lemon water.
I also made myself 2 sandwiches, 1 for breakfast and 1 for work. A great way to cut off some calories in sandwich making, is to only use one slice of bread. I honestly hate using 2 slices anyway because I feel like all I taste is bread. Even when I eat burgers haha! One bread is enough for this gal.

My sandwich had mayo, mustard, thin slices of turkey, ham, and salami with pepper jack cheese and cucumbers on a piece of rye bread. I allow myself to eat cheese and meat in the mornings because, like I said earlier, mornings are the time to eat! You’ll burn it all off by the end of the day. It’s what you eat in the afternoons and evenings that will make you gain weight. So be careful during those meals! I also had a chocolate chip cookie with my coffee.

For lunch, I ate my sandwich with organic tomatoes and brought some vegetables to munch on for a snack.



Also, make sure you are staying hydrated with plenty of water throughout the day!!



I have not been posting my meals and I feel terrible! I went away for camp for the weekend so that means pizza, burgers, chips, grilled cheese, fries, and more pizza! Oh and soda.. So I had to recoup this week. That means plenty of vegetables. I will post some pictures of what I managed to take.

We went out for my sister in laws birthday last night and I ordered the ahi tuna salad from BJs. Let me tell you, it was insane. Delish. My husband demanded I save him some haha. He was so jelly. My sister-in-law made me eat like a 3rd of her peach cobler! Even when I wasn’t tempted by it..

I’ve been drinking my lemon water in the morning again!







Ok y’all, so before you judge, I used to be able to eat these nonstop. I could have 20 in one sitting. And this morning, I only had 5! Plus some banana oatmeal with almonds and detox tea. I think I did pretty good. Not gonna feel guilty about that. If you eat something that may not be too good for your diet goals, the best time to do that is in the morning! You can get away with it then, in my opinion, as long as you don’t bing eat it to the extreme. Small portions. So if you’re craving something in the evening, just hold off and have it in the morning, if you even want it then. I think I’m still hungry.. Gonna go search the fridge for some healthy fillers.