Breakfast shenanigans!

Ok y’all, lemon water and ginger tea. 2 of each! I love drinking something warm in the mornings!


Ok now for my breakfast, I don’t even know what to tell y’all. My mother-in-law made this dish. I think it’s rice, or “kasha”.. The dressing on it has carrots and tomatoes as well as beef. I only had a little of the beef though. Dark meat makes my belly hurt.


And I was still a bit hungry so I munched on some carrot sticks.




I have not been posting my meals and I feel terrible! I went away for camp for the weekend so that means pizza, burgers, chips, grilled cheese, fries, and more pizza! Oh and soda.. So I had to recoup this week. That means plenty of vegetables. I will post some pictures of what I managed to take.

We went out for my sister in laws birthday last night and I ordered the ahi tuna salad from BJs. Let me tell you, it was insane. Delish. My husband demanded I save him some haha. He was so jelly. My sister-in-law made me eat like a 3rd of her peach cobler! Even when I wasn’t tempted by it..

I’ve been drinking my lemon water in the morning again!






No lemons?!

Y’all, I can’t believe we were out of lemons on day 2 of my blog. I had to make up for it with detox tea. It feels good to drink something warm and yummy in the morning before eating. For today’s breakfast, I nibbled on some oatmeal and almonds. I also made this DELISH sandwich with rye bread made fresh from our local Russian store, organic peanut butter, and homemade currant jam (which my mother in law claims is super duper healthy for you!). It does have a bit of sugar in it, so I popped in a cinnamon pill after.