At it again!

Hey y’all, I am sorry I haven’t been posting my meals consistently. Honestly, I felt like I was losing motivation to continue my blog. I was also failing in my healthy eating promise. But I decided to check my wordpress app and noticed that people are checking out my blog! That was motivation enough and very exciting! I would love to motivate others and share some of my crazy recipes or workout routines (if I ever start working out again!) Eeks!

Well anyway, my breakfast consisted of this delicious sandwich again. Made with rye bread from our local Russian store, organic peanut butter, and homemade black current jam (which is so good for you!) and of course lots and lots of lemon water!


I also had some pumpkin spiced coffee to get myself in this wonderful autumn mood! Fall is definitely my favorite and it is gorgeous here in Washington!



No lemons?!

Y’all, I can’t believe we were out of lemons on day 2 of my blog. I had to make up for it with detox tea. It feels good to drink something warm and yummy in the morning before eating. For today’s breakfast, I nibbled on some oatmeal and almonds. I also made this DELISH sandwich with rye bread made fresh from our local Russian store, organic peanut butter, and homemade currant jam (which my mother in law claims is super duper healthy for you!). It does have a bit of sugar in it, so I popped in a cinnamon pill after.