Breakfast shenanigans!

Ok y’all, lemon water and ginger tea. 2 of each! I love drinking something warm in the mornings!


Ok now for my breakfast, I don’t even know what to tell y’all. My mother-in-law made this dish. I think it’s rice, or “kasha”.. The dressing on it has carrots and tomatoes as well as beef. I only had a little of the beef though. Dark meat makes my belly hurt.


And I was still a bit hungry so I munched on some carrot sticks.




Ok y’all, so before you judge, I used to be able to eat these nonstop. I could have 20 in one sitting. And this morning, I only had 5! Plus some banana oatmeal with almonds and detox tea. I think I did pretty good. Not gonna feel guilty about that. If you eat something that may not be too good for your diet goals, the best time to do that is in the morning! You can get away with it then, in my opinion, as long as you don’t bing eat it to the extreme. Small portions. So if you’re craving something in the evening, just hold off and have it in the morning, if you even want it then. I think I’m still hungry.. Gonna go search the fridge for some healthy fillers.



No lemons?!

Y’all, I can’t believe we were out of lemons on day 2 of my blog. I had to make up for it with detox tea. It feels good to drink something warm and yummy in the morning before eating. For today’s breakfast, I nibbled on some oatmeal and almonds. I also made this DELISH sandwich with rye bread made fresh from our local Russian store, organic peanut butter, and homemade currant jam (which my mother in law claims is super duper healthy for you!). It does have a bit of sugar in it, so I popped in a cinnamon pill after.



For breakfast, I munched on a little bit of smoked salmon and some Russian colbasa. I also made oatmeal with almonds and banana and brewed me some detox tea! I love this stuff. It’s filled with so much goodness, natural herbs, roots and leaves with ginger and peppermint. With fennel, dandelion and birch to support kidney function, and rosemary, nettle and ginger to help boost energy and vitality.
I feel like my stomach can’t hold much food at one time but I get hungry pretty often! I took a few bites of salmon and only ate about half my oatmeal. And I am stuffed! Pretty good start to my 1st day.