Ok y’all, those crepes from my breakfast are delicious! They were divine with some fresh organic tomatoes for my lunch. I also snacked on some veggies.

Check out this delicious recipe here




Good lunch bad dinner

Ok ok so I was bad.. This is hard. I had an awesome healthy lunch.. Carrots, celery, radishes, banana, apples, tomatoes. But I spent my evening munching on unhealthy things.. I only had a little bit of everything but it all adds up. Chips and beef jerky and apple crisp. Sigh. Tomorrow’s a new day.



For the past few months, even when I’m not dieting, I’ve been packing super healthy lunches. I usually fill them up with fresh organic tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden. You can taste the difference! I also love my carrot sticks. I’m munching on this goodness as I type. Also, some colbasa for the extra fill. Vegetables don’t usually fill me up. I hope this stuff is good lol.